5 Insane real-life Vince McMahon stories you won't believe (2023)

Vince McMahon has often been known to jostle with the boys in the back, often even sneaking up on wrestlers and tackling them to the ground. A number of these have gone down in WWE folklore over the years.

From trying to hide the fact that he likes pizza to his wrestling match with Kurt Angle over the Atlantic Ocean, we take a look at some insane stories from Vince McMahon's life.

#5 Wrestling Kurt Angle mid-flight

5 Insane real-life Vince McMahon stories you won't believe (1)

We start off with the incident between Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon which happened ahead of a RAW taping early on in Angle's career. Vince snuck up from behind and took Angle to the ground before later jovially gloating about it.

Angle described the incident in his autobiography 'It's True! It's True!:'

“From there we started talking about the time when Vince took me down in the ring one night on RAW IS WAR. It was set up where he snuck behind me, lifted me up in the air, and took me down, then jumped out of the ring, yelling ‘two’ for the takedown.”

Later that year, on a flight back from England, Vince started to tease Angle about the incident which led to Kurt tackling Vince mid-flight in the aisle:

"At that moment something made me decide to have a little fun with the boss. When Vince got up to walk away, I attacked him from behind, knocked him down, turned him over, and pinned him right in the aisle. There were about eighty World Wrestling Federation people on the plane, and everyone was howling."

One person who took the fight seriously was The Undertaker. Fiercely loyal to Vince, Taker came over and put a chokehold on Angle leading him to blackout:

"Vince and I had been on the floor for about thirty seconds as Vince struggled to get me off of him when the Undertaker came over and put a choke hold on me. He clamped me so tight that he actually choked me out and I blacked out for a minute. When I came to, Vince was standing up and he had this big smile on his face. I think he just loved the idea that he was wrestling with an Olympic champion, and he decided it wasn’t going to end there."

#4 Vince and the Pizza incident

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The next story comes to us courtesy of Wade Keller of PWTorch. We all know that like most billionaires, Vince McMahon likes to keep his private life private because of the image he wants to portray to fans, wrestlers and shareholders.

Thanks to Vince’s love of privacy, we have our next story which involves him eating a pizza. Yes, even I was surprised to find out the Chairman eats pizzas and as we’ll find out, it's information he clearly wanted to keep closely guarded.

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When Keller was on his first trip to interview Vince, he accidentally walked in on McMahon eating a pizza, something almost everyone would assume as totally normal behaviour – but not for Vince McMahon.

Keller said that Vince looked mortified after the former had found him mid-slice and immediately asked him not to print it as a story. He said that he didn’t want fans to know that he “ate such garbage”. So we now know that Vince considers eating pizza newsworthy.

#3 Throwing candy at wrestlers

5 Insane real-life Vince McMahon stories you won't believe (3)

The next story comes to us courtesy of former WWE and TNA star Mr. Kennedy who discussed it on an AMA session on Reddit. On the way to Iraq for a WWE tour, the Superstars were flying out to an airbase in Germany. On the flight, Vince McMahon showed that he loved pranks as much as anyone, popping up and throwing candy at sleeping Superstars.

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Kennedy described how Vince decided to pass his time on the flight in detail:

“It was a C17 transport plane, a big, wide-open plane. People are scattered all over the place. 90% of the people were sleeping. Vince, a sixty-five year old billionaire, was low-crawling around being super stealthy with a bag of hard candies tucked under his arm. He’d hide behind something, pop his head up, throw candy at their face, then pop down again. They’d wake up, look around and see nothing then go back to sleep. Then he’d pop up and do it again. Just kept doing it.” Source: Reddit

#2 Vince McMahon tackles Kofi Kingston

5 Insane real-life Vince McMahon stories you won't believe (4)

For a long time in his WWE career, fans looked at Kofi Kingston as someone who would never win the big one – a world championship. However, Kofi defied the odds and with the WWE Universe behind him, beat Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 earlier this year, and still holds the title at the time of writing.

This facet complements the next story about Vince McMahon as it involves Kofi Kingston. Ahead of WrestleMania 26, Chris Jericho was with Kingston and Vince McMahon on a promotional visit. On the flight, Vince made a snide remark to Kofi about his failure to get over. Jericho advised Kofi to confront Vince about it if he wanted the Chairman to respect him.

Kofi confronted Vince after the flight landed and it led to Vince tackling him to the ground mid-sentence. A scuffle ensued between the two men until Vince got up on his feet and began laughing hysterically. Jericho described this incident in his book, "The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea".

#1 Taking finishing moves from Superstars in a bar

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The last story on today’s list took place in the early ‘90s. After a WWE show in San Antonio, Vince McMahon and a number of wrestlers headed to a bar. After getting inebriated, Vince McMahon proceeded to take finishing moves from some of the boys. First up were the Road Warriors who hit him with their finisher right there in the bar, obviously taking care not to hurt the boss.

Next up was Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart, the man who described the incident on an episode of Hart Family Vault:

“All of a sudden I turn around and Jim [Neidhart] had Vince in the bearhug for The Hart Foundation move. I just remember Hogan and a bunch of guys looking at me like, “Are you going to do it? Or are you just going to do a powderpuff one too?” I just took his head off. I just took straight off. Clotheslined Vince right in the bar.
Took him right to the ground. I remember our heads both banging on the cement carpet. I can remember Vince looking at me while we were both on the ground. He turned his head to me and I was just lying flat right beside him.
With that move, that flying clothesline I used to do the only way to do it is you’ve got to swing your legs up in the air and land on your back shoulder blades so you don’t get hurt. Same with Vince. I pulled him down. I protected his head and everything but we landed with a pretty good thud on the ground. Vince looked at me and he said, “You owe me a drink!” H/T: WrestleZone

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