Backing Up PS1/PS2/PS3 Disks Into ISO's multiMAN! (USB) (2023)


Hi guys, Tech James here,

You can use multiMAN on your PS3 to turn your PS1/PS2 and PS3 disks into ISO files and dump them onto your USB! This is a really simple way of backing up your games!

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (multiMAN v4.85):

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➤ (Play PS3 ISO Backup):

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So right here, I've got a fairly good selection of PlayStation, free, PlayStation 2 and a PlayStation 1 games.

If you guys didn't know, you can actually use multi man to turn all of these games into ISOs and you can actually load these ISOs onto a USB and once they're on the USB.

You can pretty much do whatever you want with them.

You can use them on emulators.

If it's a ps1, you can use it on your PSP.

You can use on your PS Vita.

You can use on your PlayStation classic with the ps2.

You can emulate them on your PC.

You can even use them on your ps2.

Obviously, if the ps3 games, you can load these back onto your ps3 from like a hard drive or something.

There are many many possibilities once you've gone ISO of a game, so I will be showing you guys how to use multi man to turn all of these games into the ISOs.

So I've got two USBs here.

This is my normal ps3 USB.

This is what I use to install multi man.

If you guys would like a video on how to install multi man make sure to watch the previous video on my channel or I will link it in the description, so I won't really be using this USB in this video.

This is just my main ps4 USB for the USB I will be using.

Is this one? This is a SD to USB adapter, it's 32 gigabyte, which is perfect for putting ISOs on so I'm going to be using this.

What you guys want to do first, is get this and you want to make sure you format it.

So we're going to go and plug this into my computer.

We're gonna format it to the correct settings and I will show you guys what to do next.

So once it goes get on your computer and your USB is plugged in, as you can see, I'm using an SD card, USB SD card pretty much the same thing and what you actually want to do is right-click it and you want to scroll down, and you just want to click on format, now we're format what you want to do.

Is you basically want to format this to factory settings? You want to make sure that the file system is fat32 as well, so we'll make sure you select.

Fat32 capacity will always be the same allocation size that we can leave this as default, where it says volume, label I would just put ps3 or something like that.

Just so, you know what it is an out, quick format.

We can leave that ticked.

We can click start and we can click OK.

Keep in mind when you format something it deletes everything on there, but if you're installing ice or games I would recommend having a full-size USB.

Just so you've got enough space for each one and there you go.

28 gigabyte should be perfect for I need it for okay guys.

So once we're back off my computer- and you actually want to plug this into your PlayStation, but I just want to show you guys, the games I will be transferring across first, so I've got monster racer for the PlayStation 1 I will be turning this into an ISO for the ps2.

I will be using wipeout fusion, very, very good game.

I used to play this a lot, it's a classic.

It's really good and a for the ps3 game.

I will be using Batman's who I've chosen all small-sized games.

Just so I can fit all the ISOs on my USB I'm, just for example, in this video.

If you guys have multiple disc games or you have large games, you can also do it.

You'll just need a lot of a larger size, maybe 128 gigabyte.

Just so you can fit all your files on there.

That might be a good idea, but what we're gonna do we're gonna, take our disc, so we're gonna get our monster.

Racer disc and we're gonna put this in our PlayStation.

So obviously you want to open a case to get the disc, and then we also want to plug in my USB, so I'm gonna go and plug this in right now and I will show you guys what we have today.

Okay, guys so I have got my a blank SD card / USB plug, then I have got multi-man installed.

If you guys do not have multi man, you must have it for this to work.

I literally just made a video on it.

So if you go back, look at my last video, I'm or I leave a link to in the description as well.

You guys can install multi man and we can get our games on our USB, so I'm gonna do is I'm just going to go ahead and start up.

Multi man right now.

I've got my ps1 game right here.

I'm just gonna, wait for multi man to load up and then I'll go ahead and put that in I will also load my ps2 game and ps3 game.

Just to show you guys it works all the same.

But let's just wait for multi man.

Here is the mountain man boot logo.

Just so we know it's going to work, and basically you want to go on the game section right here and now what you want to put in your game.

So whatever it is, ps1 ps2, ps3 just go ahead and put your disc in.

So mine is what is this monster racer for the PlayStation 1 I just played us.

It was a pretty cool game better than Mario Kart.

In my opinion, and let's just go ahead and put a game in and if you just press X on refresh, it will actually appear, and it might take some time just to read the disc.

But here it is, we've got monster, sir.

It also tells you what type it is.

Obviously mine's a power I live in Europe.

What you want to do on your game is press triangle on it.

You want to scroll down and you want to press X on create a zone, and what this lets you do is create a backup ISO of at your desk.

So you won't need the disk anymore.

If you want to play this game now, it gives you two options.

You can either install it on your ps3 hard drive, which is quite cool or you can install it on the USB I'm going to install mine on the USB.

Maybe I want to use this with other stuff.

Maybe I want to use this with my PlayStation classic on my ps2 or maybe I want to emulate it on my computer.

There's lots of possibilities once you have your ISO and ISOs.

Aren't is easy to download online anymore, so I'm going to do is just press X and I'm.

Gonna basically burn this onto my USB and from there I can pretty much do whatever I want with it.

So I'm, just gonna wait: ps1 games, pretty small in size shouldn't really take too long.

It's going to give you an estimation of how long it's going to take and it looks about ten minutes.

So there you go not too long and it should actually go down a bit.

It should be, maybe be like eight minutes or so like that, but I'm, just gonna wave this copy across and I will be back once it's done right guys.

So once it's done, it's just gonna bring you out to the main menu.

Just like this.

You can just go up and press X on refresh content, and it's just going to refresh everything and what we can do now is.

We can actually take out the disk so now I think I'm gonna try my PlayStation 2 games, so I'm just going to put that in I'm, like I'm gonna, just go and refresh it and I'm just going to actually wait for this to come up.

You might have to just load here.

It is a white pant fusion for the PlayStation 2 I'm, also going to copy this across.

So again, press triangle create ISO and you can go and find your USB I'm also going to copy this to my USB in an ISO and in a second I might do a ps3 game as well as you can see it with the ps2 game might take a little bit longer, but it's pretty much the same length.

Obviously it really does depend on what game some games are.

Let you know one gigabyte, some games of 5 gigabyte and yeah I'm, just gonna wait for this and then maybe I'll do my ps3 game last again on this one I actually got a message on it.

This one says ISO image saved as and it says where it's saved on my USB I.

Don't know why the ps1 didn't actually come up with this I guess we'll find out if it corrupted in a second.

If they do corrupt, all you want to do is simply just try again, I guess and for the last disc I can actually eject this one and for the lastest.

What we can actually do is my a ps3 game, and there you go.

It's finally come up.

If you guys are having the error, where your game is just not displaying at all.

What you want to do is close down multi-man and just reopen it, and your gamers should actually appear and now I'm going to create the ISO onto my USB as well, and there you go.

We've got all three types of games that the ps3 supports.

We've got the ps1 classic games, we've got a PlayStation 2 games, and now we have got the ps3 games all on our SD card or USB.

So this one it might take a little bit longer, as you can see, 15 minutes for a ps3 game, not too bad at all.

So I'm just gonna, wait for this and when it's done, what you guys want to do is take out your USB.

You can actually put this in your computer and I will show you guys all of the games and how to find them, because if you're at the files are actually hidden and some people don't actually realize so, I will show you guys how to find all of the eyesight's and if you guys were wondering exactly 11 minutes and 43 seconds and there you go not too bad at all.

What we can do is press X on ok and there you go.

We can go on to our computer, we can plug in our USB and we can actually take a look at all of the games on there.

Ok guys so now, I'm back on my computer and it's time to check out our USB and we can find all of the types of Isis on here.

So if you just double click to go onto it, it's actually in quite a nice layout.

As you can see, we've got ps2 ISO, ps3, ISO and PSX.

I so so PSX that stands for ps1, cisco and check out this first, the size of our ps1 game was 358 megabytes.

So that's to be expected.

Ps1 games are quite old now and they're, not really that large in size.

So if a few files aren't showing up, you can take hidden file items, as you can see, we've got months tracer.

This is our main game, the bin file, and then we've also got the key file on here for PlayStation 1 games.

It's pretty much necessary to just to keep both slayer is our months to race the game.

Next we have got the PS free iso.

So let's go into this one.

Now, if you're in the ps3 iso and you're wondering where the heck is my game, because it's not actually showing up what you guys want to do is make sure hidden items is enabled it from Windows 10.

You can find it under the View tab, and here we go here- is the ISO.

So this one is in two parts.

This is like the main part, and then we've also got this part right here, and this is pretty much two eyes, so this will work on any ps3.

You still will be able to play it like this, and this is just the format the ps3 ISOs come in.

They kind of split up.

It also gives you a PNG of the game, and so you can actually double click on this and I'm, pretty sure.

Let's actually see what actually is, is I.

Guess it's just the logo that comes up and when you're about to load the ISO, oh yeah.

So it's so it's that logo that comes up and when you're, like loading the game and then last of all for ps2.

It's kind of the same you're probably wondering well, how is it you're going to click on hidden items and it's just like ps1 we've got a cue file and then we've also got the official ps2 ISO, it's just actually 2gig and for this game, which is actually pretty good and these games are fully working, you can mount the eyesight to your PC.

You can browse all the files.

Everything is working and stuff like that, so there you go.

That is how you convert all these types of files, ps1, ps2 and, of course, at PS free now you can do whatever you want with them.

You can load them off the USB.

You can load them off a hard drive.

You can play them on different emulators.

It's entirely up to you and now you've got your games backed up.

So it's pretty much it for this quick video I thought this was quite useful.

It's a lot easier than doing it on your computer.

If you guys enjoyed this video make sure to LIKE and subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one.


How do I backup my ps2 games to an ISO? ›

Put the PS1/PS2 disc into the disc drive. Open the title manager e.g. Multiman/Irisman and move the cursor to the game you just inserted. Open the menu and select "create ISO" or similar option. Choose where to store the ISO file.

How to play PS2 ISO on non backwards compatible PS3? ›

If you don't have a backwards compatible PS3, the only way to play PS2 games on it without jailbreaking is by purchasing and downloading the games available on the PlayStation Store. You can jailbreak a PS3 to play PS2 games. Doing so will void your warranty and can get you banned from the PlayStation Network.

How do I transfer ISO games to my PS3? ›

Put the iso in a fat32 usb, connect to the ps3, use a file manager such as multiman (if not using multiman the buttons may be different), open the folder devusb0, press X on the iso, press O and select copy,go back to the ps3 root, then open devhdd0, then the PS2ISO folder, press O and press paste, done.

Can you use a USB to store games on PS3? ›

The PS3 has a built in hard drive that gives you ample space for storing your saved games, but if you want to add more storage space or transfer files to your PS3 from your computer, you'll need a flash drive. Browse the top-ranked list of flash drives for PS3 below along with associated reviews and opinions.

Does Multiman work with exFAT? ›

Multiman supports NTFS and exFAT storage devices if properly set up.

How do I make a game disc into an ISO? ›

Create an ISO File From an Optical Disc on Windows
  1. Insert the disc you wish to archive into your computer's optical drive.
  2. Start BurnAware.
  3. Under ISO Images click Copy to ISO.
  4. Click the drop-down to set the Source as the CD or DVD.
Oct 18, 2022

Can you play PS2 games on a jailbroken PS3? ›

Yes, you can jailbreak a PS3, and even if your model cannot be fully jailbroken, all models can be softmodded to the point where you can run PS2 games - disc or otherwise.

Can PS3 read PS2 discs? ›

Backwards Compatible The PlayStation 3 60GB is backward compatible with most PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, which means you'll be able to play your favorite games without keeping all the old systems. The console will have slots for Memory Stick Duo, an SD slot and a Compact Flash memory slot.

Can I download PS2 games on USB and play on PS2? ›

Yes, you can play games via USB flash drive/hard drive, providing you have Free McBoot and OPL for your PS2. I can go into more detail if need be, but I'll give a quick rundown of how to go about it.

Can you play PS1 and PS2 games on PS3? ›

Backwards compatible PS3 refers to the kind of ability that the PS3 console can play games on PS2 & PS1 consoles. This means you can play your favorite games without having to keep all your old systems. In short, all PS3 models are backward compatible because every PS3 model is backward compatible with every PS1 game.

Are PS1 games backwards compatible with PS3? ›

All Ps3 systems can play Ps1 discs. This process is run through software emulation, and has been since the first Ps3 systems (on Ps2 systems, as well). When the Ps3 Slim models came out, hardware was removed that was responsible for Ps2 backwards compatibility. Ps1 compatibility was unchanged.

Which PS3 models are backwards compatible with PS2 games? ›

The 80 GB PS3 supports PS2 games through software emulation along with the 60 GB PAL model. The PS3 Slim has hard drives that range in size between 120 and 320 GB and only supports PS2 games available for download from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Where can I download PS3 games for Multiman? ›

Download PS3 Games on Android and Multiman, Learn Everything Here...
  • Vimm ( Vimm or is a site dedicated to the preservation and archiving of classic games from various consoles and platforms. ...
  • Romspure ( ...
  • Romsfun ( ...
  • Wowroms ( ...
  • Gamulator (
Mar 20, 2023

Why is my PS3 not detecting ISO? ›

There are many reasons why your PS3 may not be able to play ISO files. It could be that the file is corrupt, or it could be that your PS3 is not compatible with the file format. Whatever the reason may be, DVDFab DVD Ripper is a solution to this problem.

How do I rip games with MultiMAN? ›

Dumping Blu-ray disc games
  1. Install multiMAN file manager.
  2. Insert your disc into the PS3.
  3. Launch MultiMAN.
  4. Highlight the game disc and press Triangle then select Copy to hdd. ...
  5. Choose the location you wish to save your dump. ...
  6. (Optional) You can set up an FTP connection between your PlayStation 3 and PC.
Jan 29, 2023

What does MultiMAN do on ps3? ›

Multiman is a multifunctional application that includes 8 different display modes (for easily accessing games, video, and audio content), a file manager, and an FTP server that runs in the background. Features: See, read from, and write to many device types (HDD/USB/BD/SDHC/MS/CF)

Where to download ps3 games for MultiMAN reddit? ›

  • 1)
  • 2)
  • 3)
Dec 11, 2022

What files can PS3 play from USB? ›

Types of files that can be played
  • Memory Stick Video Format.
  • - MPEG-4 SP (AAC LC)
  • - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile (AAC LC)
  • - MPEG-2 TS(H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AAC LC)
  • MP4 file format.
  • - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile (AAC LC)
  • MPEG-1 (MPEG Audio Layer 2)
  • MPEG-2 PS (MPEG2 Audio Layer 2, AAC LC, AC3(Dolby Digital), LPCM)

Can you transfer games with a USB? ›

Is it possible to transfer games to a USB drive? Yes. You can put a majority of games on a USB flash drive and run directly from it.

Can USB be used for game storage? ›

USB drives can only be used for storage for games optimized for Xbox X|S, they cannot be played from the drives. For non-optimized games (like Xbox One games), USB drives support both storage as well as playing those games from the USB drives.

Can I use exFAT instead of FAT32 for bootable USB? ›

In fact, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT can all be used for bootable USB on Windows 10. exFAT is an improved version of FAT32 and has a greater file size limit than FAT32. Therefore, some people tend to choose exFAT for Bootable USB on Windows 10.

Why can't I format USB to FAT32? ›

There are a few reasons why your USB drive might not be formatting to FAT32. The first reason is that your USB drive might be larger than 32 GB. As a result, it can't be formatted to FAT32. The second reason is that your USB drive might have been formatted using a different file system, such as NTFS.

Should micro SD be FAT32 or exFAT? ›

Which format should I format my memory card to? FAT32 has better compatibility. If you are not sure whether your device supports exFAT, we recommend formatting the memory card to FAT32.

How do I play burned discs on PS1? ›

How To Play Burned PS1 Games
  1. Insert a non-burned game into your PlayStation console.
  2. Turn the power on.
  3. When the disc slows down on the black PlayStation start-up screen, quickly swap out the real disc for the burned disc.
  4. When the burned disc starts to slow down, quickly swap it with the real disc.
Mar 23, 2022

Can PS2 run ISO files? ›

a factory PS2 wont allow that as the games are DRM'ed . but however if you'd have jailbroken your PS2 then you might burn the iso to a disk and play. coming the core part of the question CD or DVD : the answer should lie with the size of ISO is it within 700 MB then CD otherwise DVD .

How do I make an ISO from a USB? ›

How to boot ISO using USB drive
  1. Download any third-party tool like Rufus, UltraISO, YUMI.
  2. Add the ISO image file into the tool.
  3. Insert the USB Drive to burn the ISO file. ...
  4. Once the ISO boot files are copied to the USB drive, you can insert them into the target computers for booting from ISO file.

How do I create an ISO file? ›

Create an ISO file for Windows 10
  1. On the Windows 10 download page, download the media creation tool by selecting Download tool now, then run the tool.
  2. In the tool, select Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO) for another PC > Next.

How do I run an ISO file without burning a disc? ›

How to Open ISO file in Windows 10 Without Burning to DVD
  1. Install the latest WinRAR x64 (64 bit) version on your computer.
  2. Download and save the . iso file on your computer. ...
  3. Find the ISO file you want to open. ...
  4. Click "WinRAR archive". ...
  5. Now, you should see all the ISO files in the WinRAR window.

What format do PS2 USB games use? ›

USB Games. Open PS2 Loader supports USB mass storage devices type up to 2TB with only one partition formatted with FAT (FAT32 or FAT16). Your games must be either in the USBExtreme format or in the ISO format (ISO9660 disc image). OPL related files must be defragmented.

What does Mcboot do for PS2? ›

The Free McBoot is a softmod which lets you start games using your USB or external hard drive through programs like OPL (Open PS2 Loader).

What PS3 Cannot be jailbroken? ›

As you can see, you cannot install a custom jailbroken firmware on PS3 Slim 3XXX and PS3 Super Slim 4XXX versions. That said, you can still use Homebrew software on these latter models with PS3HEN.

Can you get banned for jailbreaking PS3? ›

Keep in mind that jailbreaking your PS3 is against Sony's terms of use, so you won't be able to go online while the jailbreak is active without risking being permanently banned.

Can all fat PS3 be jailbroken? ›

Models of PS3 which can be jailbroken include the following: Fat — All PS3 Fat models are supported. Slim — If the first two numbers after "CECH" are "20", "21", or "25", and if your PS3 Slim model is version 3.56 or lower, your console is supported. Super Slim — No PS3 Super Slim models are supported.

How many PS2 games can the PS3 play? ›

This is a list of PlayStation 2 games later made available for purchase and download from the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 video game console. There are 336 such games out of the 4491 released for PlayStation 2.

Does the PS3 run PS2 games well? ›

The fatter PS3 console can play PS2 games. But the current slim PS3 console unfortunately won't be able to read the PS2 discs, due to the the slim PS3 console laser. And the slim PS3 console system compatibility aren't suited or programmed the same as the fatter PS3 console is.

Can a PS3 with 2 USB ports play PS2 games? ›

If the PS3 has four USB ports, it is backwards compatible. If it has two USB ports, it cannot play PS2 discs.

Which is faster PS2 or USB? ›

USB 1.1 introduced two speeds. 1.5Mb low speed and 11Mb high speed. 1.5Mb low speed is actually incredibly fast for any kind of input device. That's 1000 times faster than a PS2 port in normal use.

Can you play ISO files on PS3? ›

PS3 can in fact run ISO files, however, it requires a few additional steps in order to do so. First and foremost, your PS3 must be jailbroken in order to enable you to run custom code on the console. Additionally, you will need to install custom firmware onto your PS3 in order to be able to run the ISO files.

How to play PS2 games on PS3 controller? ›

When your console powers on you'll notice a red LED glowing on the adapter. After that, just connect a PS3 or PS4 controller to the adapter using a USB cord. Once attached, hit the PS button on the controller and it will pair with the adapter. Once you pair a controller with the Brook adapter, you're good to go.

Do PS2 ISOS work on RPCS3? ›

1. RPCS3 does not (Officially) support . iso formatted games. This apparently includes decrypted, encrypted, extracted, not extracted, or whatever other types of .

Does FAT32 or NTFS work on ps3? ›

PS3/PS4 cannot read NTFS

Well, usually, PS3/PS4 uses external HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to save data like games and that hard drive must be FAT32. Because SONY is using FAT32 as the standard for PS3 and PS4. They can't read NTFS.

Do PS2 discs work on PS3? ›

Backwards Compatible The PlayStation 3 60GB is backward compatible with most PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, which means you'll be able to play your favorite games without keeping all the old systems. The console will have slots for Memory Stick Duo, an SD slot and a Compact Flash memory slot.

Can jailbroken PS3 play PS2 games? ›

And no software “jailbreak” will let them play them. Because they don't have the necessary hardware. However, there are PS2 (and PS1) games on the PS Store that have been ported or are emulated to run on the PS3. You can run those versions, but not PS2 disk-based games.

Can RPCS3 play PS2 and PS1 games? ›

You'll need to download RPCS3 and install it to put in the PlayStation 3 firmware, which contains the BIOS files necessary to execute PS1 and PS2 games. The emulator will allow us to interact with that firmware and pull those files out.

Can you play PS1 ISO on PS2 emulator? ›

No, they will not work without issues. Please use a proper PS1 emulator, such as Duckstation or Mednafen.

Can PS2 read ISO file? ›

a factory PS2 wont allow that as the games are DRM'ed . but however if you'd have jailbroken your PS2 then you might burn the iso to a disk and play. coming the core part of the question CD or DVD : the answer should lie with the size of ISO is it within 700 MB then CD otherwise DVD .

Is it legal to download ISO files for PS2? ›

Emulators are legal to download and use, however, sharing copyrighted ROMs online is illegal.

Can I download PS2 games on USB? ›

Yes, you can play games via USB flash drive/hard drive, providing you have Free McBoot and OPL for your PS2. I can go into more detail if need be, but I'll give a quick rundown of how to go about it.

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