The Best Miley Cyrus Albums to Fit Your Different Moods (2024)

Miley Cyrus has evolved more than almost every one of her peers. Few voices in the pop realm are more distinctive while also being widely applicable. From pure pop to country to hip-hop, Cyrus’ voice can do it all.

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Because her catalog is so varied, her music facilitates a wide range of emotions. Find a Cyrus full-length album to fit your vibe, below.

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1. Meet Miley Cyrus if you’re feeling sentimental

As evident by the name, Meet Miley Cyrus was an introduction to the girl underneath the wig. In an effort to distinguish herself from Hannah Montana, she released a double album. While one side hosted her Disney Channel hits, the other saw Cyrus start to flesh out her own sound.

She took on teenage topics like high school crushes, hanging out with her girls on a G.N.O (which would’ve been what, a sleepover?), and weathering her first heartbreak. You can’t help but listen to this album with a knowing smile on your face. If you’re longing for simpler days, this album is the choice for you.

2. Breakout if you’re feeling angsty

Cyrus turned up the angst on Breakout. From the breakup anthem for preteens in 2008 (“7 Things”) to a diatribe on global warming (“Wake Up America”), to a “Rock Lobster” homage (“Fly On The Wall”), everything about Breakout is more weighty than its predecessor. If you’re looking to commiserate with someone about all the things that make you mad, join Cyrus on her tirade in this album.

3. Can’t Be Tamed if you’re feeling rebellious

Can’t Be Tamed effectively ended Cyrus’ “America’s Sweetheart” image. A bird cage, an ice cream cart pole, and an Annie Leibovitz picture later, Cyrus had shed her Disney roots and fleshed out a new path forward. All of the songs on this album have a sort of sexy swagger to them. Listening to this album will put you in the mood to get a little wild, free, and rebellious.

4. Bangerz if you’re feeling ready to party

Cyrus made her first major sonic shift with Bangerz. She brought in more of her hip-hop influences and started her partnership with Mike WiLL Made-It. Though some didn’t agree with this era of Cyrus’ career, no one can deny she had some anthems on this album. I mean, “#GETITRIGHT,” “Do My Thang,” and “We Can’t Stop?” Few albums will get you more in the mood to party than this one.

5. Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz if you’re feeling experimental

Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz is undoubtedly Cyrus’ weirdest album. Only the die-hard fans have combed through this one. Despite its relative obscurity, it’s a testament to Cyrus’ boldness in the studio. Few pop stars as on top of the world as Cyrus was (and is), would’ve strayed this far from what they made their name on. If you’re looking to take your own chances, find the confidence to do so with Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

6. Younger Now if you’re feeling at peace

Younger Now saw Cyrus put down roots. From an added country twang to songs about making a home and settling down, Cyrus was finding out who she was, shedding the outlandish parts of her persona, and getting back to the basics. If you too are in a place in your life where everything feels settled, bolster that feeling with Younger Now.

7. Plastic Hearts if you’re feeling punky

Looking to spike up your hair, get some piercings, and start sticking it to the man? Use Plastic Hearts as your guiding force. Even if you’re feeling a little punky proverbially speaking, this album still has powerful methods of persuading you to the dark side.

8. Endless Summer Vacation if you’re feeling seasonally depressed

The weather is starting to cool and the sky is getting grayer. While a break from the scorching summer months is welcomed, the change of the seasons can also bring on some gloomy moods. If you’re someone who is affected by seasonal depression, try revisiting Endless Summer Vacation for a shot of Los Angeles’ evergreen weather.

Even the somber, introspective songs on this record are steeped in summertime. You can almost see the palm trees swaying on Sunset Boulevard or the opulence of Rodeo Drive while taking this album for a spin.

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The Best Miley Cyrus Albums to Fit Your Different Moods (2024)
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