Top Neighborhoods in Pflugerville Texas to Live - A Suburb of Austin, TX (2023)


You're thinking about moving Pflugerville Texas and you don't know where to start and in what community. In this video I'm giving you my top neighborhood picks for Pflugerville. I'm talking schools, things to do, how much its going to cost you to live in each community and more.

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Flugerville texas is one of those cities.

Most of us cannot pronounce pflugerville as I like to call it fougerville, but what I can tell you is that this is a boom city and it's rapidly growing one of the primary reasons.

Many choose to call fluidville home is its proximity to downtown austin, so being able to be a part of the weird action but not having to live in it.

Every single day is an added bonus.

So where should you live? I've got a few places you should check out and keep on your list.

Let's talk about the top neighborhoods in flugerville, hey y'all, angie upamada, here realtor in the beautiful austin area.

Today, let's jump into the top neighborhoods in plugerville texas.

Let's go, as my son would say: let's start with blackhawk flugerville's original master plan development.

It began in 1997 and is currently still building it's located northeast of interstate 12, 45 and 130.

One of the things that draws people to blackhawk is the community people and the quiet.

It's definitely a peaceful place within the neighborhood.

There are a lot of things to do.

There's fully furnished clubhouse, which you can rent out with a full decked out kitchen for future parties that you might want to host.

There's a workout room, a pavilion parks, playscapes, a volleyball court, three resort style pools because the community's so large and sports fields.

When it comes to real estate, you can find homes that were built in 1997 and brand new construction, as I mentioned earlier, builders that you'll find are gfo homes, blackburn chesmar, scott felder, coventry and saratoga homes, home square footage ranges from 1900 square feet to over 4 000, and the price range, as of today, is 4.99 to over 900 000.

The median home price for the neighborhood is 625 343 property taxes range from 2.7 percent to 3.5 percent, and hoa dues are 120 dollars to 484 dollars quarterly.

When it comes to schools, blackhawk feeds into flugerville isd and depending on where you live in the neighborhood, your students would go to the following: schools, which are rowe elementary mott elementary, which are all located within the community.

Students attending secondary school would go to kelly lane, seal middle or hendrickson high school or wise high school.

Next up, we've got falcon point.

Falcon point is a 700 acre master plan development located near ih-35, toll 130 and kelly lane.

There are about 1700 residents that live in this subdivision and it is community focused and centered and there's a lot to do within falcon point.

It offers residents a clubhouse jogging biking, a gym common grounds, exercise room, a park, playground, multiple pools, sports facilities, tennis courts, an 18-hole, disc golf court or a field, and a public golf course which is really close by in terms of real estate.

This community was developed in 2003 by newland communities, which has developments all over austin you'll find homes built by taylor, morrison newmark legacy, centerra highland lennar meritage, dr horton, and more homes range in square footage from 600 square feet to 4 000 square feet and to live here.

You'll be looking at a price point from four hundred and forty thousand dollars to over eight hundred thousand the median closed price is six hundred and forty two thousand dollars.

The tax rate will run you two point: seven percent to a painful three point: five percent and hoa dues are 85 to 121.

Quarterly falcon point is home to three on-site schools.

All a part of the highly acclaimed flugerville isd you've got merchantson elementary school kelly, lane you've got hendrickson high school and luckily they're all within this pocket.

Another community that I would pick would be avalon.

It's also a master plan development just off of kelly lane next to a black hawk golf course.

This community holds a lot of events.

The hoa is super active, so you'll never get bored.

They have the spring fling the easter bunny, the national night out cars and coffee, which they just had fiesta cinco de mayo, all kinds of things to bring everyone together.

Features of avalon include walking and hiking trails, along with a basketball court covered playscapes a splash pad even a toddler pool covered cabanas that you can hang out when it's not too hot and it also features a 14 000 square foot clubhouse, which is available for rent for real estate homes were built in the 2000s and you'll find builders like gehan homes, castle rock standards, pacific century pacesetter homes and chesmar homes.

Home styles include the texas traditional, which is that stone, stucco and brick style and variations of sorts.

The square footage ranges from 1 600 square feet to over 4 000 square feet.


What will it cost you? Well, you can find some homes still that are 450 000, but there are also homes that go for well over eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

The median closed price in this area for may was six hundred and thirty, six thousand two hundred and fifty dollars property taxes will run.

You two point: six percent to two point: seven percent and hoa du's are roughly around 41 a month.

Here's what's cool is that they have an on-site hoa department which is really cool in terms of schools.

Students would attend rioja, elementary sil middle and wise high school.

My last one is sorrento.

It is a master plan, community east of wise lane.

It's just one mile from flugarriel lake, which people love if you're looking for a little peace and adventure.

Sorrento offers amenities, including a pool plus a little pool for the kiddos, a fitness center playground, grills outdoor seating and a clubhouse sorrento started in 2015, and it's still building the major builders that you'll find in this area are gehan homes, dr horton pacesetter homes and in terms of the style itself, there's traditional and craftsman-style homes.

This community also features cottage style homes as well.

For those who are looking to downsize or as one of my clients calls it right size.

There are also texas size homes.

So, if you need a little bit more space, you can definitely find that in sorrento, home prices range from 340 000 to 780 000 and the median close price is 580.

4625 hoa dues are 65 a month and the taxes would be 2.6.

Students who live in sorrento attend mott, elementary bowles, middle and wise high school and that's dependent upon where you live specifically within the community, because students could also attend roe lane elementary school seal middle and hendrickson high school.

All of these neighborhoods have several things in common.

I just want y'all to know that they are close to major freeways and toll roads which include toll 45 and 130.

The proximity to downtown to the domain.

The airport employment centers like ibm dell, samsung 3m and more, are literally almost unmatched in terms of daily living and access.

The stone hill shopping center, costco heb, the local restaurants and chain eateries, are literally minutes away.

Looking to get a bit more information about pflugerville check out my city highlights.

Video flugerville is a city that I have seen grow over the years and it's become one of the most desirable places in austin.

So definitely keep this on your list.

If you're looking to move to the area, hey, are you looking to move to the austin area and you don't yet have a real estate professional I'd love to be the one to help and serve you? If you want to know more about the austin area outside of plugerville check out, my other videos found this video helpful then hit that like button and if you're feeling my vibe don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell, so that you don't miss a thing and I'll see y'all on the next one.



Is Pflugerville a suburb of Austin? ›

Pflugerville is a suburb of Austin and part of the Austin–Round Rock– Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Is Pflugerville TX a good place to live? ›

Pflugerville is a suburb of Austin with a population of 64,007. Pflugerville is in Travis County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Pflugerville offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Pflugerville there are a lot of parks.

Is Pflugerville considered North Austin? ›

Located just north of Austin is the suburb of Pflugerville (the P is silent!). Home to about 57,000 residents, this area is known for its beautiful trails, stunning lake, tons of shopping and restaurants, and affordable homes.

Why live in Pflugerville TX? ›

Affordable cost of living, particularly compared to areas closer to downtown Austin. Access to lucrative jobs in tech, healthcare, and other growing industries. Many outdoor activities, including Lake Pflugerville and Typhoon Texas waterpark. One-of-a-kind local restaurants.

What is the wealthiest suburb of Austin? ›

Richest Neighborhoods in Austin
  • Old Enfield. Old Enfield is the richest neighborhood in Austin. ...
  • Bryker Woods. The second-richest neighborhood in Austin is Bryker Woods. ...
  • South River City. ...
  • Zilker Inner City. ...
  • Bouldin Creek. ...
  • Rosedale. ...
  • Barton Creek. ...
  • Downtown Austin.
Feb 24, 2023

Is Pflugerville expensive to live? ›

The average cost of living in Pflugerville is $2021, which is in the top 9% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 868th out of 9294 in our global list, 745th out of 2202 in the United States, and 34th out of 130 in Texas State.

How much is property tax in Pflugerville TX? ›

Pflugerville: 2.38% Sunset Valley: 1.70% Manor: 2.9% Round Rock: 2.24%

What is the racial makeup of Pflugerville TX? ›

White: 63.76% Black or African American: 14.69% Two or more races: 8.9%

What are the largest suburbs of Austin? ›

The metropolitan area is centered on the City of Austin—the fourth-largest city in Texas and the 11th-largest city in the United States with a population of 1,028,220 people. Austin's largest suburbs are Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, and Pflugerville.

Is UT Austin urban or suburban? ›

Overview. University of Texas at Austin is a very large, 4-year, public university. This coed college is located in a large city in an urban setting and is primarily a residential campus.

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