TRAVEL DAY! Road Trip from Orlando to Key West! Overseas Highway, Seven Mile Bridge, Hotel & Dinner! (2023)


Join us for TRAVEL DAY - a scenic 7 hour drive as we road trip from Orlando, FL to the southernmost point of the United States, Key West! We take the Florida Turnpike down to the beautiful Overseas Highway, over many scenic bridges including the iconic (and slightly terrifying) Seven Mile Bridge, through Key Largo, Islamorada and more of the Florida Keys all the way down to Key West, where we check into our hotel, the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Key West, show you a bit of the room, and we go out to dinner at Two Friends Patio Restaurant, a place that came highly reviewed and we loved with delicious fresh seafood, live music and a gorgeous tiki patio! Stay tuned for the next video that will be a HUGE day in Key West where I map out an incredible walking tour of historic, famous and iconic sites, many of which are totally free, and it's a walking tour you can follow on your trips to Key West too! Thank you for hanging out with us on this road trip travel day down to the Florida Keys and for being brave enough to cross the Seven Mile Bridge with us, one of the longest bridges in the United States of America! See you soon for a fun day full of tourist sites in Key West in the next video! Have you ever visited Key West? Thanks for watching!

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Hey everybody today is the day: it's a road trip travel day.

I hope you're excited, I'm excited sam.

Are you excited? I am sam's excited.

We are heading out from orlando florida.

All the way down to the southernmost point of the united states in the florida keys, we're going to bring you with us on the full travel day from orlando down to the florida keys.

First things.

First, we've got to pick up the rental car from the disney world car care center.

Well, first things first coffee! So, even though it looks like we're heading into disney world we're actually going to the disney car care center to pick up a rental car, there's a lot of construction going on here near the entrance of magic kingdom.

Oh my goodness, and here's the car care center there's a gas station, and you can pick up rental cars of course, booked in advance over there is where the disney buses gas up all right hopping in to pick up the rental.

They gave us a nissan rogue at the rental place and we're gonna load up.

Definitely more spacious than my car right.

We're gonna hop on the florida turnpike, and that takes you basically all the way down to the florida keys, all the way down to the everglades all the way down to the tip of florida beautiful day too, for a road trip.

The turnpike has a ton of these service plazas all along the way you can stop for a gas or food or whatever you need we just set out, though so no stopping point.

Yet we did start out with some starbucks, always a great way to start a road trip sam, how you feeling driving the rental.

This is a dream.

It's a lot nicer and more comfortable than your tiny car.

My car is very small.

Very small, great we're gonna take turns driving, but I think sam will do most of the driving.

So we are just chilling we're not stopping, but we are passing the yeehaw junction exit.

I used to stop there all the time.

Another thing I love about the turnpike- and this is true, north and south- is that it's lined by trees like foresty areas, there's pines, there's wetlands, there's all sorts of different florida terrain right and left.

I like looking out for interesting birds beautiful day for a drive.

It really is it's beautiful.

Let's see how we're doing on time here.

So it looks like we've got just under five hours of driving left to make it very good.

Time looks like we'll be in key west around 5 30, which is good because it means we won't be in miami during rush hour.

It is about that time in the drive where we're going to pull over at a rest station, get some fuel use a restroom.

I don't know what uh what what service station around but we'll find out in a minute.

This is also a good time to throw away any trash.

You've accumulated or starbucks sam's gonna pump that gas, when they don't have the thing to do it by itself.

You have to hold it.

Oh my gosh, primitive yeah.

You can also wipe down the windshield if you need to by the way this is the rental car.

It's a nice mini suv, it's driving really smooth and nice, and we popped into the pompano beach service, plaza, use the facilities, yeah fueled up and we're good to go getting back on the road.

Oh look! A big rv we're seeing rvs like trailers, campers stuff like that on the road love that lots of vacation feel so, let's get back on the road here, loading up ready to go way up ahead.

You can see that big guitar and that's hard rock, and that means we're getting a fort lauderdale there's a lot.

You can do with the hard rock it's a hotel, a resort, complex tons of entertainment over there.

It's weird, though, because they didn't build the whole fretboard like it doesn't go all the way up.

It's just like the bottom, the body anywho.

It's also a casino and here's how you know you're in miami nightmare, roads everywhere, just nightmare everywhere: oh flashbacks! No, oh! You want this, lady! No, you can't sorry, no yeah! Sorry every road is broken shut and we're.

Finally, seeing signs at say key west we're about to hit the last exit on the florida turnpike.

We are getting much much closer to the keys 12 miles from everglades national park.

Beautiful love, the everglades.

Here we go getting close exit, one number one numero uno, and here you have a choice: either south or north.

We are gonna, keep going south all the way.

Baby key west keep left, expressway ends, whoa, it's exciting drives been so smooth, and so here we go getting off the florida turnpike and we're going to be on u.s one.

So you can go right to everglades national park left to biscayne national park or south to key west.

The florida keys, which is where we are going key west, is all the way at the bottom of the keys.

So there's still like a three hour drive once you hit the keys, but the drive on overseas highway is beautiful.

It also includes a seven mile bridge which is beautiful and amazing, but here we go we're getting close.

You can cut to the left for card sound road, but we are just gonna keep going straight.

So last chance, so like the last mainland thing, oh my gosh, this is so exciting.

Once you see this blue awning, you have hit the road to the keys.

Key largo is just 20 miles and we finally got some sweet sweet water view, but this is just the beginning entering monroe county now we're in the keys.


Oh look at that.

Oh wow, the water's like dark and rough right now welcome to gilbert.

So there's a little motel here.

There's a little restaurant on the water got some boats.

Anchored here.

Beware: crocodiles are present and dangerous.

I've mentioned a lot before that down south in the keys it's full of beautiful murals.

So here's the first one of the day and look at that sun.

We took a quick stop at gilbert's to stretch our legs.

Use the restroom get a little glimpse of the water before heading back out on the road.

It is so beautiful.

Look at this water, most keys beaches are not like this, but this is really nice all right.

We stretched our legs.

We did a little stretching after a long, long drive, sat by the water for a little bit and relaxed, and now we are ready to keep driving.

We may just push all the way through to key west because I think we're only a little over two hours right now.

So let's go all right.

We're back on the road again heading down just about two hours of a drive and gonna get some spectacular views along the way there.

It is the welcome to key largo sign the florida keys, caribbean club, another great place to stop jimmy johnson's, big, chill and then sundowners up ahead.

These are lovely stops in key largo.

Big lobster rain barrel also looks like we are gonna drive out of this weather.

It was blue and beautiful the whole time, and then there was this big gray cloud, but look it's bright and blue beyond it.

Now we're getting deeper into the keys, the sun is out, and you get these stunning views of the water on either side of the road, nothing like it.

He will pull over on the side too, to like fish and chill by the water.

Lots and lots of little bridges to go over to before the big bridge beautiful.

So blue.

Oh look at this like what is happening down there.

I don't know something up here on the right is robbie's, it's super fun, and this is where I did the feeding the tarpon video.

You check that out on my channel really really fun more and more bridges on the way down very cool, very cool water.

As far as the eye can see on both sides of the road, pretty crazy to look at the map too, like basically it's just the road and ocean sam.

You are a really good driver.

We just went over the first really long bridge and that wasn't even seven mile bridge yet and it was really cool yeah.

It is cool.

I barely filmed any of it because I just was like, even though I've driven over them millions of times it's kind of like flying over the water yeah, but we do have a big bridge coming up, there's lots of little bridges and then uh yeah, I'm excited yeah, but we have uh just about an hour left.

Oh here.

This is cool too.

I love when you're like at sea level and you're, just like the water's just like right, like there's the road there's, the water fun factor, rooney, the seven mile bridge is the ninth longest bridge in the united states.

Okay, lovely drive to the right is the old seven mile bridge and we are currently the new er bridge.

It's a beautiful drive really gorgeous, and this takes you straight to key west.

The old bridge is also pretty famous and was featured in many films, including true lies.

A very funny fun movie and uh.

Locals can still walk out on parts of it well and visitors too, to like fish and enjoy the beautiful vistas.

I don't know this is the high part, and it's made to be tall enough for boats to go underneath and then we're coming back down onto the low I've got part it's like not to be on a bridge.

Rich life just got to be steady, nice and steady.

It's really cool.

What's really crazy is seeing the old bridge next to it.

It is absolutely bonkers.

There's like oh.

I can't even talk about it.

There's like overgrown trees and don't look you stay looking forward.

You look forward.

Please, though, please just look forward.

You heard that yeah that says look forward sam.

You did a great job.

You did a great job professional seven mile bridge driver you've done it and you I don't know if I caught on camera, but you said that's like one of the coolest things you've ever driven right, yeah, really cool and just the coolest.

Probably oh, look there's pedestrians on the old bridge.

It makes it really cool.

Seeing like the abandoned old bridge, yeah yeah, I love abandoned you love it look.

People are kite surfing up ahead and I can see land and I'm so happy.

Ah, I want to kiss the ground little ducky woo.

That is also crazy, old bridge over there.

I can look at that.

Oh look at this look at the beautiful blue ocean.

We are very very close.

Now that was the railroad, flagler railroad remnants of it.

We're on big pine key now up ahead is a wild deer sanctuary.

It's so beautiful you can get out and there are deer all around and uh.

There's a lot of beautiful nature here too we're still 40 minutes close, but yeah still 40 deer crossing here, keep our eyes peeled for deer, see the deer crossing signs everywhere.

There's a blimp out there see it cool, yeah, more bridges.

Oh my gosh excited to get there and stretch our legs again.

I am, though I haven't felt like it's been too long.

It's been really smooth.

If you told someone in england, you were gonna drive seven hours.

They would just laugh at you.

We are driving right into the sun yeah the sunset's, pretty close, welcome to key west.

I don't know I feel like there's a different sign.

Yeah we go left here.

So there's like welcome to key west sign.

It's really hard to see because the sun is kicking whoa.

We made it good, driving sam usa yeah, quite a relief to be here we're so close to the hotel.

Now there we go the fairfield inn, suites marriott.

That is where we're staying right here we go very, very good prices for key west.

We just parked super easy lots of free parking here and they also have bicycle rentals.

Very cool rent here return here here we go.

Thank you, cool does the job I came in fluffed the bed around a little bit.

The room is sufficient.

It's nothing super fancy, but it'll do the job.

It's got a little fridge here.

It's got the amenities that you want nice clean bathroom.

They have to ask for more towels, but yeah does the job one interesting thing: most hotels do have a bible.

This one also has a book of mormon interesting, oh and I found extra towels and a blow dryer cool.

After a long day of driving.

We want some dinner, so we looked up a bunch of reviews.

We made a list.

Two friends.

Patio has pretty good reviews, so we're gonna try to go there for dinner, we're gonna, try to uber nice pool area, we're heading up to the front to get our uber.

Oh look at the pool.

I like these fountains.

Oh, this is so pretty on our way.

Okay, our uber just dropped us off here at two friends, patio restaurant looks pretty lively and fun.

Let's hope we can get a table.

Live music inside gorgeous patio cool got seated right away all right.

Let's decide what we're gonna eat, casual fun atmosphere, definitely keezy type of food.

I like the way the lights are multi-colored and sway in the wind, so the menu here says a key west icon since 1886., so we had to do a little bit of googling.

So google says two friends is one of key west's oldest haunts and even though two friends opened in 1967, this spot on front street goes back to 1886 and it was a saloon and a bordello there's this cute little like waterfall here, got some live music in here very cool.

Oh, my goodness, this looks nice.

I got the shrimp trio, so I got shrimp.

Scampi uh boiled shrimp and coconut shrimp with garlic, mash and sam got the seafood trio.

What do you got here? Scallops, yeah shrimp and mahi mahi.

It looks awesome and you also got garlic mash and some yeah yeah.

These look really good.

Let's dig in delicious that was delicious.

We just popped into a gift shop and we're sniffing key lime pie candles.

It smells so good, but it's made in calenburg, but it does all smell really good.

Now we're just gonna have a tiny little after dinner stroll before heading back to the hotel.

It's so beautiful out tonight tomorrow.

We're gonna try to make it to that.

That's it! For tonight we are actually gonna head back to the hotel, get a good night's sleep, and tomorrow we're gonna have a full day in key west with lots of fun stuff, but that is gonna be a separate video right.

Now, that's a wrap on today's video, the travel day from orlando all the way down to the florida keys, the seven mile bridge checking into our hotel going out to dinner and just getting settled in here, there's a lot more to come, so stay tuned once again.

Thank you all.

So much for joining I'll see you for the next video, which should be pretty soon and until then, as always stay infused bye.

So you.


How long does it take to cross the 7 Mile Bridge in Key West? ›

From one end of the Seven Mile Bridge to the other, it is about a ten-minute drive. However, you should feel free to take your time since, as any Florida Keys tour will tell you, the Seven Mile Bridge has some of the most beautiful views of the ocean anywhere in the Keys.

What is there to see between Key West and Orlando? ›

Highlights along the way include the Kennedy Space Center, Fort Pierce, Jupiter Island, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key Largo.

How long does it take to drive from Orlando to the Keys? ›

This ultimate Orlando to Key West road trip is 587 miles (943 km) long. Driving it takes 13 hours, not including any stops along the way.

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